I have been somewhat surprised by the responses of individuals during this time of the unseen threat of Covid-19. Some have been incredibly appreciative of others and kind while others have been short, stressed, fearful, worried and anxious.

Make no mistake, the threat to life is real and our way of life has been drastically altered. I am truly concerned for our medical providers and our first responders who are interacting with people who are genuinely fearful for their own health and the health of those who are closest to them.

What are your concerns? What are you seeing? What should our response as Christians be?

Know that you are in my and prayers… Pastor Norm

Continued Thoughts…

People are getting sick, people I care for/about. Other people are upset we’re not meeting/gathering for worship. I personally think it would be incredibly selfish/SINFUL to meet when there are so many who are threatened by the COVID-19 virus. Some church congregations continue to meet, illegally, and I feel using their misled understanding of church and even GOD as justification for their own selfish/SINFUL acts. God calls us as believers to love our neighbor. (period)… As a leader and shepherd of a community of faith grounded in Jesus, it was a difficult decision to make to not meet together, but has been confirmed as the correct decision. It was a decision I didn’t take lightly. I am disappointed to hear the “what about me” instead of the “what about we.”

In the temptation of Christ… when Jesus was told “If you are the Son of God… then jump off this high building for the angels will save you,” Jesus said “don’t be stupid” Pastor Norm’s interpretation.

And so we, with difficulty, have stopped meeting physically out of love, care, and concern for our neighbor. We do this in prayer, we do this temporarily, and we continue to love and serve in these challenging times. But, we also do this in hope… knowing that God will bring us through this time and through this time God will strengthen us and enable us. We, church, will come out of this stronger and better equipped!

I invite you to join me in turning toward our God to bless, to love, and to serve. We are in a time where we are called to reorient our lives towards God.

Too often we think ourselves as “independent” of God. We may attend church regularly and during that time focus on our communion with God, but often we act as if we are independent of God, when the “truth” is we are “dependent” on God. Apart from God we can do NOTHING. God is integral to our everyday. We are NEVER alone, God is ALWAYS with us. It is in God that we live and move and have our being. Only in God do we Exist and Only in God can we find FULFILLMENT and this fulfillment is the Only thing that will and can satisfy.

So, I just went tangential. The point is GOD wants us to love and care for our neighbor and in so doing we simultaneously love God. The earth is the LORD’s and Everything in it, the world and ALL who live in it. And it is THIS love that motivated us to NOT meet together physically.

What are your thoughts?

Peace, Pastor Norm

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