Today is my granddaughter’s 7th birthday. She is full of excitement and anticipation for the blessings she knows she will receive from her parents. For my husband and I it is a day to celebrate the gift God has given us in her. We talked on the phone with her, sang Happy Birthday and asked about what her day looks like.
She said with excitement “My birthday cake is an ice cream cake!” She told us her dad asked how she would like to celebrate. Her reply was “A Nancy Drew Mystery party”. He is planning out a scavenger hunt with all sorts of clues.It sounds like a very special day, with unexpected surprises along the way.
The blessing of her sweet voice and the joy she expressed over the good plan for her, washed over me and gave me hope. Don’t we have a Father whom we can turn to and celebrate the day with? Isn’t our Heavenly Father just waiting for us to turn towards Him and put our trust in Him? He can make this day special. We have a Father who wants to spend the entire day with us, strengthening and giving us His hope all day long.
I may not get to go to my granddaughter’s party, but I celebrate with her right where I am. Thanking God for my many blessings.

Diana Rahn AKA Nannie

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