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Sometimes in life…. a challenge, natural process or unexpected change comes before something beautiful!! Such as
The Sudden storm before the rainbow
The pains of Labor before the birth of new life.
Perhaps in the trials of life that make us stronger going thru them or even open new opportunities that God has already bestowed for us -that we had no idea were coming.
The small buds and sprouts of beautiful green before the magnificent flower, like the darkness of night and then the beautiful bright sunrise new each day or the rise and fall of the waves and mountains.
Sometimes that something beautiful is a blessing… even in a very difficult or sad situation that maybe didn’t have an ending we would choose.. but even in those times afterward we can look deeper and see blessings were sprinkled within that time.
Every season we face – God is with us! He longs for us to set our minds and hearts on him & Let his Love unfold. Let his Peace surround us & find his blessings and Joy in every season- in every season. God has only good for us.
He matures our characteristics of Patience, Kindness, Love, Compassion for others and Caring for others not just ourselves.
He strengthens our core within those times of weakness and chaos and he defines our Greatest strengths and gifts.
His purpose is to always Love & Cherish you in every season, to always provide for you & to give you Peace, Joy and Love in your heart.
This Season we are in has not been easy for anyone. It was not expected that a Virus in this day could bring our world to such a standstill so quickly, in order to protect and care for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our prayers are lifted and heard for the many many needs of improved health for those battling this virus and for all those with illness. For Treatment of this disease and stopping/slowing the spread. For all caregivers in any way, for basic needs met of food & safe shelter for all, for the elderly, trained military & personal preparing medical needs behind the scenes, as well as emotional needs & peace of everyone experiencing social isolation. Stress of loss of jobs & hours and everyday bills coming in. Children out of school. The overload on society with uncertainty and waiting on unemployment and the list goes on and on & on. For the loss of life families have experienced due to this virus.
In the midst of the quiet streets and “ approved essential” happenings. There is beauty to be seen. The many people reaching out to quickly respond to the needs of others, providing food and masks and gentle smiles. Taking time to listen and ease fears. Offering to drop off needed items or just check in see how others are doing. Phone calls and cards or letters that have just brightened someone’s day ( I encourage each of you to do this – send a card to one or more members of the congregation.) The Sunday podcasts have been uplifting and Spirit filled. People coming to the reality that right now there is no other option than having to come together. That we are all feeling very similar things together. That this is needed and we can’t change it and are adjusting to creative ways to enjoy time with family & kids at home. We had a Few days of beautiful sunshine and chirping birds and blessed nature to stop and take in. We are blessed to have homes, health to go outside to exercise & food and the loving support of one another in this church family of St. Paul……. We are blessed to be blessings to others the best way we can.
TODAY I encourage you to focus your heart to the Lord! To spend time in his word… below are shared suggested scriptures that others have shared as encouraging and powerful in times such as this. Feel free to post any you may want to share. Like in a hurricane when all around you is out of control- Seek the Holy Spirit guidance- seek the Promises of the Lord. Let him embrace you with a Peace that is only found at the center of his Love.
Matthew 6: 25-27                                                                 Psalm 94:19
Ephesians 3: 20-21                                                               Joshua 1:9
Psalm 25:5                                                                             John 14:1
Proverbs 3:5-6                                                                      Philippians 4:6-7
Provers 12:25                                                                       Romans 8:38-39

Katrina Hinesley


2 thoughts on “Trust Him!! Trust in His Word

  1. Thank you for taking the time to encourage us with your words and scripture, Katrina. Technology has/will definitely become our friend during this time of separation. Let us all make an earnest effort to keep the line of communication open! Love to you all. May you use this time to slow down and allow the Holy Spirit to bless and speak to you, so you can effectively and willingly be used to share Him with others.!

  2. Thank you Katrina. I appreciate this message. I am using this list of prayer needs as I pray. God bless you for all you do!

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