It has been a month since Washington State has had a stay at home order, due to the Corona virus.  In a time when chaos wants to prevail, I find myself turning to God and telling Him, “I put my trust in you.”  That does not mean I do things to put myself at risk.  I believe we do our part in relationship with God.

I put my trust in You, God.  These words bring peace to my heart and soothes my soul.  One of the things my husband Kevin and I do to stay mentally healthy is go on long walks.  We live in a small town and there are great choices in where are feet can take us.  This particular day we chose a walk that took us by a large pond.  I told my husband, “Let’s stop here and look out”  I realized I was looking for God.  We noticed some ducks swimming on the glassy water and the sun reflecting off the surface.  God’s peace filled me.

As we started walking again a Guidepost story from my devotional popped in my head.  I told Kevin how a man had been needing God’s reassurance.  He had set out on a run and was talking with God.  In his own way, he was asking God to please make Himself known to him.  As he was running he spotted a furry black and orange caterpillar.  He thought, “Is that really for me God?”  He loved these as a boy.  He asked, “God, if that is You, show him to me again.”  His run was long and included a challenging terrain.  Yet, there he was, Mr. Orange and Black!

My husband loved the story and we were both encouraged.  We continued walking about 4 minutes when, to our surprise, there was a black and orange furry caterpillar.  We were like kids filled with delight.  God had made Himself known.  We are not alone.

Diana Rahn

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