I just finished a walk with a good friend. She is someone God has blessed me to walk along life with, raising children, teaching Sunday School, attending women’s Bible study and so much more. She is a sister in Christ and a listening ear. We’ve shared our greatest joys and our saddest lows. Through it all we have learned to laugh at the good stuff, reassure each other when things seem totally crazy, and steer each other back towards God’s love and beauty when needed.

I was telling her today about something my mom shared with me recently. Mom and I had been talking about how to respond to the “new normal” in the world. The big question: How do we as a follower of Christ go about our business? Mom said “I remember a long time ago someone saying there are three things you need to do. The first one is be kind.  The second one is be kind. The third one is be kind..” She continued, “The first one is easy. You naturally are kind to those who are kind to you. The 2nd one, well, they are the people you meet along the way and you show them kindness. The 3rd one, not so easy, they may have hurt you or down right act like they have it in for you. Be kind.

I shared how this morning’s devotional was very encouraging. The writer, Joce Meyer, writes,”Don’t let yourself be set-up to be upset- it is only a test.” I told my friend, it has that kind of feel out there. Like it is a big test. I’m thinking, “I really need some tools Lord”

I told her how I was taken to Ephesians Chapter 6.The Armor Of God. Our feet are to be fitted with The Gospel of Peace, that sounds a lot like kindness. Instead of being frustrated with someone or something and becoming provoked, I will be kind. To shake off the negative feelings, I tell God, “I put my trust in You”. These simple words, I put my trust in You, releases me from this hurting world for the moment and I reside with Him, My Creator, The Creator of the Universe. Once again, I see my Savior, on the cross for me. A gift from God. His love is steadfast and enduring. I am called to be kind.

Today, I will be kind. I will wear a facemask, not so much to protect me, but to protect others. For me , this is an act of kindness. God gave me a good friend to fellowship with. A reminder of all the wonderful things He does and will continue to do. I put my trust in You, Heavenly Father and I will be kind.

Diana Rahn

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  1. Reading this was like taking our walk all over again! You have a gift to put things into words so it makes sense to everyone. So much good to share right here! Thankful for you and our 25 year (!!) friendship. Keep passing it on! It only takes a spark – thanks for the reminder to stay mindful and to simply be kind…

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