Isaiah 56:7

“-these I will bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer; their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples”.

Feeling Exiled? Chapter 56 of Isaiah is thought to have been written to the Southern tribe of Judah during their exile to Babylon. The words of the prophet were prophetic words of encouragement about God’s future hope for “all” people/nations. Jesus, himself repeats this hope and affirms our call to pray.

In this time of separation from what was once called “normal,” many are tormented and torn, worried and fearful, starved for social contact and have felt as if their joy has been taken. Indeed, this has been a stressful time. What was taken for granted just a short time ago and thought of as always being available has become only a memory. Life has been turned upside down and crazy seems to be redefined daily by a new greater crazy.

The distractions and opportunities to take our eyes off Jesus are many. We have been attacked by an unseen enemy (virus) and the enemy of our souls (Satan) would like to use this time of upheaval as a time to focus our attention on things that are temporary and don’t last. But God, is still in charge, But God still has the victory, But God is still almighty… and the enemy has been defeated and you are (YOU are) victorious in Christ!

One thing that can’t be taken away from us is the opportunity and power of prayer. God is available and you are the instruments of God’s will. You are part of and a participant in God’s holy house. You have received the Holy Spirit and God uses you for his mighty work.

I truly believe that God is going to reveal Godself in new and powerful ways. The gifts of the Holy Spirit will manifest in God’s children in new and miraculous ways. People of every nation will be drawn… no, stream to God through the Spirit. People will turn from self-pleasing to God pleasing. Nations will turn from looking to solely their own interest to promoting justice for all. And the people of all nations will recognize the value and meaning of life is found in Jesus!
The God of all of creation and of all peoples will reveal himself. People will know God themselves, for themselves. They will know that they are accepted and loved by the One who is love. They will know GOD is not a God who is far off, but God is near. You, child of God, are called to pray. It is through your prayers that God has chosen to act and move and reveal and perform and do. God moves through the prayers of God’s people, through your prayers. So when distractions occur that would pull you from spending time praying, know prayer is your highest call. When the enemy raises his ugly head, know the battle has been won and you are victorious in God. When separation and loneliness attack, know that nothing can separate you from God’s love and presence. When you become fearful of what is to come, know that you are God’s child and God has a

In this time of distractions, craziness and separation. I employ you to seek God in prayer, lift up others in prayer, invite the Spirit to give you the words, unction, and utterances needed to be who you were created to be.

God is busy working, though you may not see it now, God is not slow to respond. You, as a follower of Jesus, are called to be used as God’s people of prayer. Pray with me that we will be a house of prayer for all people. Pray with me that we will see God miracles manifest. Pray with me that we see God revealed in our time and in our lives. Pray with me that we see God glorified.

Pastor Norm

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