Many followers of Christ are saying the same thing. “We have raised our children to know the Lord. We have taken them to church. They have attended Sunday school and yet as adults they do not show any devotion to God.” Basically, a seed has been planted, but the ground looks bare. It is unsettling.

For those of us who have faith in the Triune God, God our Heavenly Father, Jesus our Savior and the Blessed Holy Spirit, it is so very important that our children flourish and grow under that same stable hand of God. Our very lives are dependent on God’s gracious love and mercy. The desire for our children to experience the same saving grace goes deep.

God, the Father, has given us two great gifts. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, in human flesh. Jesus made flesh, yet devine (Holy, one of the persons who make up the Trinity). Jesus did everything to please God the Father. He walked with mankind teaching everyone how to show God’s love to others and being the perfect example of kindness and gentleness. The many stories of Jesus in the Bible inspire a way of life. A way of being. After Jesus had finished God’s mission, He suffered and died on a cross for mankind’s sin. He did this out of love for us, so that we could be set free from the death of sin, that is how much He loves us. God then raised Jesus from the dead proving victory over death and sin. When we ask for our sins to be forgiven, it is by our faith in what Jesus did for us that we are forgiven. No longer do we need to feel condemned for our mistakes. Jesus is always there for us, loving us and able to restore us when we go to Him. After Jesus’ resurrection from the dead He appeared to some of His followers, called disciples. He told them God would send someone else to them, for Jesus was going to the Father. God would send The Blessed Holy Spirit and He would come to live with God’s people.

The Holy Spirit is the other gift and the third person of The Trinity. The Holy Spirit comes and lives in and with the people of God. He is His own separate person and reveals things to us about God and Jesus. We can talk to The Holy Spirit and ask for guidance and understanding. He makes The Word of God, the Bible, come alive. It has been called the living Word of God because it is! By the power of The Holy Spirit we can draw close to our Heavenly Father and Jesus. It is by The Holy Spirit we come to have a personal relationship with God and Jesus. This incredible relationship with God brings trust in Him that provides strength and courage for our daily walk. Why wouldn’t we want this for our loved ones? Followers of Christ do not give up hope. Try something new. God is alive and active right now. The Holy Spirit is ready and able to put forth God’s work.

An easy and simple way to bring God back into the picture is when family is gathered for a meal. It is a comfortable community prayer As you bow your head with your family offer God thanks for His blessings and then pray:

“Father, you know the seeds planted in our hearts long ago. Jesus come into our hearts and reveal yourself to each of us. Please fill us with the Blessed Holy Spirit..”

You see we don’t do it. God does it. A personal request to Jesus is just what He is waiting for. Encourage your loved ones to ask Jesus to reveal Himself to them. What do you have to lose? You have so much to gain, and so do your children.

For the building up of faith: Romans 8:1-17 and 1Cor. 3:1-9

Diana Rahn

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