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 My morning prayer for you.

May we be changed from within just as Jesus light of Grace shines our hearts.  In his ways we are transformed into new hearts with new ways of thinking and full of love. When we loose the luster in life events- we get defeated and weary  and God reminds us in him we shine his eyes and in his ways so very bright.  

Focusing on God- praying in God- Loving thru God we change our own hearts and the hearts of others . May we become more Christ centered by opening our hearts to change. This process may come with pain and trials yet it gives opportunities for us to change to grasp his hand and cry out and let his ways lead us to the beauty of change.

He has pillars of Incredible Peace -Abundant Hope and Sustaining Joy on this journey of change in the midst of the chaos is always surrounding us.. That caterpillar in dark cocoon changes into the most beautiful jaw dropping creature.

God has those colors for us that beauty for us and he loves us that much to be there every step. You don't have to understand or get it but TRUST knowing he has beauty designed in your change.  

May we pray and Trust in these promises.