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When you are confronted with something that either offends, disturbs or just does not ‘seem’ right, take a moment to try and really see what is going on in front of you. To ease the disturbance, move your vision away from the circumstance. This gives your mind a break from the distraction and allows you to start asking questions to God. What is happening right now God? If it really disturbs your peace, walk away. This gives your emotions and body a chance to relax and breaks the hold the situation is bringing on you.                

Sometimes there is no action on your part to do anything. Simply walking away is all God is asking of you. But sometimes, God is calling you to act out your faith to him and bring this person a blessing. It sounds outlandish because the circumstance could even look a little nasty to you.

How can an expression of God’s love and mercy be what is called for in the midst of unsavory behavior? Behavior that could even cause us to sin, or just as worse they sin against us. The gut reaction is to run! Get away as fast as you can. I know because I ran in such a situation.                

Situations that become shadowy makes it difficult to see clearly what the correct response should be. In the mist of the shadows the devil tries to turn a trick on you. To cause you to sin, examples are in the Bible, rejection of someone, anger, lust, and judgement are a few on the list. The point is to get you to compromise who you are in Christ.

Short definition – Jesus is all about love, mercy and serving the Father, so be like Jesus. Stay on the well-lit path. At the very least the devil wants you to ‘think’ you sinned. Make you feel separated from God. Then comes that shameful feeling of unworthiness and condemnation. Lies from the devil. If he can make you feel bad enough, you cannot be as effective for God, I will call this the ‘slow down’. That is all the devil has going for him, shadows and slow down. Trying to make us ineffective. Don’t fall for it. Do not allow the darkness to make you think something that is just not true. Again, stop and ask God to help you see the truth.                

Let’s go back to the blessing. A child of God has no condemnation. They have Jesus and Jesus is enough. We are blessed to be a blessing. Do you hear a bell ringing true? It is like the ringing of church bells singing out a rejoicing song. Follow the way of love…1 Cor. 14:1. When you bless someone, you are actively bringing forth the goodness of God. The blessing should be a startling, good message of something being poured over them by God, loving, crisp and refreshing. The shadows must leave. You can stand on God’s Word for this. John 1:1-12                

Did you ever think the offender could be someone who God placed right in front of you because God wanted you to bless them? It maybe the very action of your faith that turns that person towards God. It changes the very offense, real or perceived, into something God actively responds to. Not only are they blessed, but so are you. Transformation right before your eyes!                

POW! Take that devil.

1 Peter 4:8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins.