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 Right Prayer                

Jesus said to keep it simple.                

The Father already knows what you need. Ask for what you need, then ask the Holy Spirit to help you with your prayer, something like –Father, you already know my needs, those things in my heart that are troubling me. Please tend to those things. I trust you with them.                

Include in your prayers not just your nuclear family dimension, but for people around the world.  All those things God puts in your heart. Ask God to move in the hearts of people to cause them to do good. To cause them to do the will of the Father. Humm, there seems to be a theme here, the function of the heart as it relates to God.                

Pray corporately as well. Connect with other believers and pray simple requests (get to the point), so that God can see your heart and give more of his presence to you, the infilling of the Holy Spirit. We cannot feed others unless we have been fed first by God. The Father decides what to give and the Holy Spirit dispenses it.                

Simply sharing with others, letting your faith be ‘seen’, brings more of God into the world. This action on your part connects with what God is doing. You will probably be amazed at how quickly God responds to this action. There are no coincidences! Ask God to take the scales off of your eyes and let you see him at work in everything.                 Spend less time asking for needs and much more time thanking him and praising him. He can heal, restore, and bring together whatever he wants. He is looking for devoted hearts. Especially thank him for Jesus. You CANNOT thank him enough. You cannot praise him enough.                

The bulk of prayer is in the praise and thanksgiving. Sing to him, he loves songs, just look at the scriptures. Did you know when you sing or listen to music it is calming but energizing at the same time? It wraps up stress in a strait jacket and lifts the spirit. It is a natural antidepressant. It releases endorphins (you know that good stuff which makes you feel oh, so, good)! It stimulates oxytocin release within your body to dissipate anxiety. Singing is even a type of exercise! I think this was completely designed by God to let us experience more of his goodness in the midst of praise. We have a wonderful God, deserving of much praise! Get going! And don’t forget to tap your toes while doing it! God loves you!

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