The Path for Strengthening Active Lay Ministry (PSALM) is designed for congregation members who have discerned a call to more intentional and public lay leadership in their congregation and community. 

Sandy Catt and Diana Rahn engaged in this two year program in the Summer of 2021. The two year program seeks to develop inclusive lay leaders who are grounded in a Lutheran expression of Christian faith through small group education.

It takes a considerable commitment of time and energy and Sandy and Diana deserve profound congratulations for their work over the past two years. They are now prepared to undertake increased leadership in our community and  other communities within our synod. Please take a moment and acknowledge their achievement personally.        -Pastor Norm

PSALM Participant Perspective

 The two year Psalm Program provided by the Lutheran Synod was a challenge and a blessing to be a part of.

I do not remember reading so many books in such a short period of time before, I finally learned how to speed read, something I had been envious of others for in  college!

Reading about church history, Martin Luther’s theology, baptism and the holy supper, racism (especially for women) in the Bible, how to write and formulate a sermon, seeing Scripture from the view of context, and so much more has opened my world to understanding just a bit more about our God and the people he works through.

Answering some of the how, what, when questions I have and providing great tools to research the new questions as they come along. Rebecca Shjerven, our program director and Assistant to the Bishop is a wonderful educator. I feel blessed to know her. The Psalm Program was enlightening and empowering to me personally and my hope is to pass some of these blessings on to others.   -Diana Rahn