We all have heard of PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder) and usually associated it with war.

Did you know that anyone exposed to trauma or fearful events including the military, rescue workers, policemen, firefighters, shooting victims, and any survivors of any violence can be effected?

This also includes any life threatening events and natural disasters. PTSD has been around since Napoleon and was also called “shell shock” in WWI and WWII or post Vietnam Syndrome.

After a traumatic event PTSD symptoms may or can include continued:  disturbing thoughts or feelings, irritation, re-experiencing the trauma, difficulty sleeping, anger, and/or sadness. If these or other disturbing symptoms occur more than one month, professional advice is needed.

Any suicidal ideation or thoughts, one needs to seek out help through a loved one, friend, Pastor, or by calling the PTSD hotline at 800-273-8255 It is possible to successfully treat PTSD many years after the traumatic event but symptoms usually start within 3 months after the exposure.

PTSD can occur in all people and of all ages. It could be a neighbor, friend, or co-worker. PTSD can disrupt your relationships, your health, your job and life in general. It is never too late to seek help. By confronting and understanding your feelings, seeking professional help can effectively treat your PTSD.

What can we do to help? Listen, be patient, ask questions, give them a strong loving support system and our prayers.

To your health, K.C. Babcock, RN