What is this ReCreation that I have been hearing about? Glad you asked… First, ReCreation is designed to celebrate God in God’s creation. We hike, kayak, ski, play games, create art, and more outside. These activities are accompanied by a bible/life lesson, music, and meal. These are often enjoyed around a firepit.

Why and how?... Covid isolation and the increased threat of being indoors helped motivate the change. We have chosen to celebrate ReCreation on the same day we do God’s Abundant Plate (GAP) as both a draw and opportunity to share a meal together. Pastor Denise and I have long heard the complaint of church as “why can’t it be more fun?” or “more like summer camp?”

ReCreation is an opportunity to have fun in an outdoor social setting with a focus on engaging God in and through creation. A God who journeys with us and is relentless in love towards us, desires the best for us, and wants to engage in relationship with us. God is always creating (using the opportunities and resources available to reveal God’s presence), and God desires to use humanity as an expression of Love (1Jn.4:4) and presence to the whole of creation (Gen.1:28). God is tireless in pursuing a relationship with you and me (God’s creation) through this life, and we are reborn as we engage in this divine relationship through the work of the Spirit. Thus, the name ReCreation.

What we have found is a beautiful and less intimidating setting in which we can engage people of various backgrounds more easily. The outdoor setting offers an increased opportunity to share God in pertinent and meaningful ways. If you will, it is a more natural setting to talk about God, pun intended. We have noticed youth are more likely to engage in the conversations, activities, and discussions. They are more comfortable in asking real and challenging questions. In addition, older members are provided opportunities to tell the wisdom of their experience. Community is brought together and built up. Oh, and God is present guiding and enriching conversations.

ReCreation is a natural outreach opportunity to the community. It is easier for some to ask another to go hiking or paddleboarding and share a meal than to go to church on Sunday morning.  You too, are invited to join us for ReCreation. This month (Oct.23rd) is Pumpkin Painting and Pints. A combination of Fall Celebration and All Hallows Eve. It will be at my house, or at the church if it rains. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know. Hope to see you there. May you know more completely the God of love who accompanies you in your journey towards eternal life.